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About the Journal

Aims and Scope

This new quarterly open access and peer-reviewed journal: Advances in Geriatric Medicine and Research (AGMR, ISSN: 2632-9921) is intended for geriatricians, researchers, and health professionals acting in the complex field of geriatrics (clinics) and aging (research).

The main aim of the journal is to provide a high standing forum and interface where researchers, clinicians, health professionals, health care providers can (1) publish their original, novel and high-impact works (including new conceptualizations), (2) raise awareness to issues of broad interest in the field of aging, (3) break boundaries and integrate knowledge, as well as (4) debate on controversial issues.

The scope of the journal is to publish articles related to diagnosis and treatment of aging-associated diseases; evaluation and educational aspects of geriatrics; highlights of new discoveries on molecular, cellular and organismal determinants of aging and discovery-driven translational research. These areas are intended to cover all aspects of geriatric medicine and aging research.

The primary areas of research interests to AGMR include:

The journal accepts: Reviews, original articles, technical notes, editorials, news and views, ethical and legal issues, case reports, letters to the editors, as well as conference announcements and book reviews. Controversies and debates are also welcomed. A Special Section of the journal (Virtual Special Issues**) is devoted for publishing accelerated papers considered as a breakthrough in the field.

**note that Virtual Special Issue (VSI) is a collection of papers centered around a specific topic, led by an expert (Guest Editor) in the field. Virtual Special Issues are an important component of the journal and cover current hot topics within the scope of the journal.

All papers belonging to a Virtual Special Issue will be gathered together on a single webpage. They are published in the regular issues of the journal as soon as publishable, and labeled as belonging to the Virtual Special Issue. A link from each paper will take you to the Virtual Special Issue webpage.

Journal Contact Information

AGMR Editorial Office

1st Floor Cobham MSA, Cobham, Surrey, Greater London, KT11 3DB, United Kingdom

Tel. +44 1932 379 585

E-mail: agmr@hapres.com

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